November 4th, 2006

Class of 2k7

Most of us already know about the Class of 2k7, but I didn’t realize how big it was until the other day when talking to _sasha_, my online friend. Check this out!

The Class of 2k7 is a group of first-time children's book authors with books coming out in 2007. They are from 20 states. Their coming together has created a huge publicity opportunity. First time author Greg Fishbone came up with the idea, then went to SCBWI newsletters to solicit other authors to join his group. Now, they have a Web site (, a blog, and plans to target booksellers and librarians with the intent of selling books and landing book tours. What a fabulous idea! We can always accomplish more when we come together for a common cause.

Sasha is in that group, writing under the penn name of Aimee Ferris. Her new book, Girl Overboard looks great. It’s due out with Penguin this Spring.


My friend, laurabowers is in this group. Her book, Beauty Shop For Rent ( )
is being billed as "a Steel Magnolias for the younger set." I had an opportunity to read it in the early stages and it was fabulous. I know it will be one of the hit stories in the Class of 2K7!


Good luck to all the 2007authors. The thrill of that first book is a feeling that you never forget.